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the serenity mansion of lithonia

terms & conditions

  • Advertisements :Renter Is Prohibited From Advertising Their Event On All Media Sources & Outlets.

  • Booking Agent : You Shall Indemnify And Hold Mansion House Atlanta LLC, Venue, Its Parent Companies, Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Officers, Directors, Employees, Agents And Representatives Forever Harmless From, And Against, Any And All Personal Injury, Property Damage, Loss, Liability Or Claim Of Liability, Expenses, Fines And Penalties Including Reasonable Legal Fees Caused By Any Wrongful Or Negligent Act, Error Or Omission By You, Your Guests, Invitees, Agents, Delegates Or Representatives, Arising Out Of Or In Connection With Your Function, Event Or Reservation

  • Capacity : (15) Guests Overnight Stay, (25) Person Event.

  • Damage Deposit : $500.00 Damage Deposit Is Required For All Rental Types. | Damage Deposit Is Refundable Providing That The Renter, Guests & Hired Staff Has Not Damaged Property & Removed Any Of It's Contents.

  • Cancellations : Cancellations Are At The Host's Discretion Solely.

  • Catering & Event Planning :   Independent Planning Is Allowed

  • Cleaning :  Pre & Post Cleanup Is The Responsibility Of The Host.

  • Disc Jockey (DJ) : Amplified sound is prohibited at this Property, property is equipped with a custom built in audio system.

  • Events :  Public Events Is Not Allowed! (***NO PROMOTERS***)

  • Excessive Cleaning : The Renter Must Return The Property In Good Condition. Renter Is To Place Rubbish & Trash Inside Garbage Bags. Cost Of Additional Cleanup Hours Is Solely The Responsibility Of The Renter And Will Be Deducted From The Damage Deposit.

  • Foot Traffic : Renter Is Held Responsible For The Guest Count Exceeding The Specified Limit Listed On The Reservation Contract. If Foot Traffic Exceeds The Specified Limit Without Expressed Consent From The Host, This Contract May Be Terminated Immediately.

  • Guest Transportation : Shuttle Bus Service Is Required or Ride Share.

  • Images Of Property :It Is Prohibited To Use The Images Of The Property For Promotions Or Invitations.

  • Liquor & Spirits : Renter Is Prohibited From Selling Alcohol Or Spirits On The Interior & Exterior Of This Property.

  • neighbors : renter and their guests are to be courteous to neighbors in and around the subdivision. 

  • B) renters and guests may not park in the sub-division on or in front of neighbors properties.

  • Parking : Guest Parking Is The Responsibility Of The Renter Solely, Property Has A Parking Capacity Of (10) Vehicles

  • Payments : Final Payment Is Due (10) Days Prior To Your Check-In Date

  • Property Address : Renter Is Prohibited From Furnishing The Property Address For Invitations

  • Reservation Deposit :  (50%) Of The Total Price Is Required To Book Your Reservation Date.

  • Refund Policy :  All Sales Are Final Unless The Host Can Not Deliver The Property On The Day Of Reservation.

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